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Parents are always concerned about how a divorce will affect their children and how much time they will spend with their children after a divorce action ends. At Robert A. Ugelow, P.C., we provide experienced, professional and personal legal representation to mothers and fathers. We are zealous advocates, committed to seeking the best resolution for our clients.

Attorney Robert Ugelow has more than 25 years dedicated to representing families during divorces and other family law matters. During that time, he has handled hundreds of cases and has gained extensive knowledge of family law and the court system. At our Brooklyn law firm, we understand that every case is unique, which is why we work directly with our clients. Given our vast experience, we help our clients understand the issues involved in their cases, their options and the probable results.

Child Custody

During a free initial consultation, our clients discuss their needs and goals with their lawyer. Many clients request joint custody without a clear understanding of what that means. If you are involved in a child custody and visitation dispute, it is critical that you have experienced legal counsel advocating on your behalf.

If two parents share joint custody, the parents must consult each other and agree upon major life decisions regarding the children. Both parents have to be able to speak productively with each other if they have joint custody, but it does not necessarily affect the amount of time each parent spends with his or her children.

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With our experience, we help our clients understand their situation and what to expect. We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously, and we make sure we take the time to understand the circumstances unique to each of our clients. By recognizing the differences in their cases, we can better pursue the resolution our clients’ desire.

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