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At the law firm of Robert A. Ugelow, P.C., we provide experienced, knowledgeable legal representation for all aspects of family law, including seeking or fighting orders of protection in family court, divorce court and criminal court. With more than 40 years of experience, 25 of which have been focused on family law, we are dedicated to fighting for the rights of men and women, victims and alleged abusers of domestic violence.

Orders of Protection

Criminal Court: An order of protection gives the victim of domestic violence protection against an alleged abuser. Often, a spouse or domestic partner will call the police to report an assault. After an arrest, the spouse or partner goes to criminal court, which issues an order of protection automatically, which lasts at a minimum for the duration of the criminal case. After the order is issued, the alleged abuser must leave the house and stay away from the alleged victim.

Family Court: The alleged victim can also address a claim of assault in the family court, which can grant a temporary order of protection upon the first appearance in court even if the alleged abuser is not present. At that time, the court sets a court date when the alleged abuser can contest the issuance of the temporary order of protection as well as the request for a permanent one, which could last for a number of years. As in the criminal court order, the family court order directs the alleged abuser to stay out of the house and prevents contact with the victim.

Divorce Court: If the couple is going through a divorce at the time of the alleged abuse, the victim can request that the divorce court grant an order of protection. In the divorce court, both sides are usually heard before the court will issue a temporary order of protection and then an order of longer duration.

Potentially, all three courts could issue orders of protection temporarily. Eventually, the courts will have to decide whether to extend their orders for a longer period of time by designating them “permanent” or to end the orders.

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