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Hiring a family law attorney is an important decision. Divorce affects many areas of a person’s life. If you are going through a divorce or other family law issue, it is important to have an attorney who you feel comfortable working with throughout your divorce and one you feel confident will be the best advocate for your interests.

At Robert A. Ugelow, P.C., we provide experienced, professional and personal legal representation. For more than 25 years, attorney Robert Ugelow has helped people dealing with family law matters. His experience allows him to guide his clients through the legal system, give them realistic, candid evaluations of their cases and discuss alternatives for resolving their legal problems.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping clients with all aspects of their divorce, including:

Sometimes, divorce cases involve other areas of law such as criminal law and real estate. If you have been charged with assault or harassment in connection with your divorce, we will represent you in your criminal case as well as your family law case. If your divorce involves the sale of real estate, we can help you.

Fault and No-Fault Divorce

In New York, couples may seek a divorce on fault or no-fault grounds. The grounds for a fault-based divorce include actual and constructive abandonment and cruel and inhuman treatment, where domestic violence occurs. However, divorces can also be no-fault divorces, which means that neither party is said to be at fault, but rather, it is claimed that there was an irretrievable breakdown in the marital relationship for at least six months prior to filing divorce papers.

Generally, the cause of the divorce will not affect other decisions made during a divorce. Regardless of whether a divorce is grounded on fault or no-fault, the decisions regarding custody and visitation, property division and support are not affected, unless there are concerns about domestic violence.

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